Financial Instruments Brokering

SBLC  - Leasing

If you are looking for Letter of credit to finance purchase of commodities or Freight or Project funding requirements, we can assist you with finding a partner on a profit sharing basis.

Stand By Letter of Credit - We have very good relationship with limited qualified issuers for Stand by letter of Credit from Prime Banks. Once we know your requirement, we will be able to BROKER a structured transaction for you in line with local laws compliance. So talk to us and we will then be able to give you a firm answer.

General Terms of Instrument:   Term : 1 Year and 1 Day. Value : Min 10 Million  USD / Euro  to Maximum 30 Billion Euro /  USD  per Tranche depending on the issuers capacity.
Commission : 2% Total.
1% Buyer Side  and
1% Seller Side.
Activity : BUY and SELL

FEES : Leasing 11+2 and Purchase 54 + 2

We may or may not accept intermediaries for our share of commission. Depending on the instrument issuer from In-house Client or 3rd Party. - Check with us in advance before proceeding. For In-house buyers, we dont accept intermediaries on our side.

Transaction Procedure for  SBLC Leasing (Non Negotiable ) :

 1.  Buyer issues a full intake package in English of the LOI/DOA duly completed in all respects and signed with Lessee’s/PURCHASER  full banking co-ordinates to include:

 1.1    Client Information Sheet (CIS)

1.2    Corporate Resolution (CR)

1.3    Non-Solicitation Statement (NSS)

1.4    Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCND)

1.5    Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA)

1.6    Buyer’s Signatory’s Color Copy of Passport

1.7   Buyer’s Certificate of Incorporation (COI)  

1.8   POF/Bank Statement/Credit Line within 5 banking days current

1.9   ATV Letter to verify bank POF 

2.0   Notarized Letter of Reimbursement in the case of leasing

  2.  Provider complete Due Diligence within 72 hours, Buyer is furnished ‘an official proposal” if Buyer accepts then countersigns and return it.

  3.  A "lease agreement" to go forward is issued (which addresses arrange terms, banking coordinates to be paid, timing and verbiage with lessee) countersigns and returned. Making it a Binding Contract. Both parties shall lodge the Contract with their handling banks for record.

  4.  Within Three (3) international banking day after borrower receive Provider’s signed and  sealed agreement/contract, Provider’s issuing Bank Coordinate cutting house cut instrument from provider’s portfolio, assign BG/SBLC in Beneficiary’s name and program a Credit Line Reservation (Cash Backed) to send swift MT799/MT760.

  5.  Within Three (3) international banking days Borrower shall issue a Payment Undertaking to Provider’s issuing bank, then it  will be sent swift MT760 to the Beneficiary’s receiving bank according to the borrower’s bank approved verbiage.

  6.  Within Five (5) international banking days upon successful verification and authentication of Swift MT760, Beneficiary’s Bank will wire transfer leasing charge (12%) to the provider’s bank+ Simultaneously Seller law firm distributes consultant fee (total: 2%) to the all intermediaries as per FPA (2% seller side 1% closed / buyer side 1% open  ).

  7.  Hard copy of the instrument  will be delivered to borrower bank by the Bonded Courier within 7 banking days after receipt of full payment including commission.

  8.  All subsequent tranches will be based on the same procedures until collateral or funds become exhausted.


1.  If Buyer fails in payment on time, Provider will send Buyer’s bank another Swift message to cancel BG/SBLC,

2.  Buyer should pay penalty Two percent (2%) to provider.

3.  If provider fails to issue BG (Leasing), provider must pay penalty (2%) to Buyer.

4. Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probes or communication in an improper way to other bank(s) in this transaction shall be prohibited and contract terminated.

Note :- WE also have a monetiser for SBLC . Talk to us for more information. We do not wish to discuss any transaction outside the above set guideline for leasing.