Live Stock Carriers

Voyage or TC or COA


JWT Corp offers Brokering service for the Sale and Purchase and Time Charter of the Vessels for Live Stock Vessel Chartering.,

We also assist our clients in the conversion of Ro-Ro Vessels to Live Stock Vessels depending on the suitability of the vessel. We also have vessel owners interested to conversion of vessel subject to long term contract being signed with them.

Seagoing vessels are modified or purpose-handing carry built for the transportation of live animals.Subject to appropriate regulation, live animals may are transported as part of the cargo on various classes of ship. Livestock carriers are ships, which specialise exclusively in the transportation of large numbers of live animals together with their requirements for the voyage. (food, water, sawdust bedding, medication, etc.). Voyages on livestock carriers generally last from three days to three to four weeks.

Current areas serviced are Australia – Middle East, Africa – Middle East, South America – Europe and South America – North American Markets.

As this is a specialist field, our experts will be happy to discuss with you in detail your requirement on a case by case basis. We also offer consultancy service to new entrants, so that they get the right advice for their project requirement and save valuable time and money for their requirement.

JWT Corp aim is to assist our clients with their requirements irrespective of the Size and offer them flexible options given the current market Scenario. Our Experts will be happy to discuss your requirements in confidential.