JWT offers Brokering services for TIme Charter.Given the volatality and the increased uncertanity in todays shipping freight market., TIme charter is the most common way of limiting ones exposure to various freight fluctiations.  It is also one of the ways to ensure the continous availablity of the vessel to the charterer given the commitment to its clients for delivery of the goods contracted.
Most of the Time charter is contracted for the period of the contract for the delivery of the cargo with room for extension to suit ones needs.There are various risk factors that need to be ascertained while entering into a long term time charter party agreements. Our Experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the right solution for your requirements.
As this is a specialist field, our experts will be happy to discuss with you in detail your requirement on a case by case basis. We also offer consultancy service to new entrants, so that they get the right advice for their project requirement and save valuable time and money for their requirement.
We offers Chartering solutions such as Single Voyage, Consecutive Voyage, Trip Charter, Time Charter and COA (Contracts of Affreightments).
JWT aim is to assist our clients with their requirements irrespective of the Size and offer them flexible options given the current market Scenario. Our Experts will be happy to discuss your requirements in confidential.